CNC Drag Engraving tool


This is the highest quality drag engraving tool currently available.




Lifetime guarantee on all parts except tool tip.


45 GBP


The 1/2 inch (or 10mm metric) tool body is made entirely of Stainless Steel.
The tension spring and tensioning screw are made from the same material.
The 1/8th engraving tip is made from micro grain tungsten carbide which has been diamond ground to a 120 degree point.

The tool can be supplied with a collet (please specify outside diameter) for an additional GBP 8 (USD 12).
43mm and 20mm collets are shown in the pictures below.

The tool tips are ground to a 120 degree angle. 90 degree tips for fine engraving or
Diamond tips (only required for glass engraving) are also available.
Tungsten carbide will engrave glass quite happily but will not last as long as diamond.
However, new carbide tips are available from us at GBP 4 (USD 6)
compared to diamond tools at GBP 12 (USD 19).

Our solid tungsten carbide tools are machine ground on diamond wheels to an exact angle.

A resharpening service for tips is available.



A short video of engraving on a ShopBot.




Drag engraving a mirror.




Delivery is FREE worldwide.


Tool with collet. Please specify the size of collet you require.

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20mm Collet 12

35mm Collet 12

43mm Collet 12

52mm Collet 16

65mm Collet 20

70mm Collet 22

80mm Collet 24



Solid tungsten carbide tool with 120 degree angle.


Standard accuracy tip... 4 GBP
Select a tip angle

High accuracy tip for small work 8 GBP
Select a tip angle